Key Services

We are committed to launching products that make a difference in people’s lives. We work across a product’s lifecycle, supporting biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical technology companies across the globe.

Outcomes Research

Our team provide unequalled accuracy and quality whilst delivering all aspects of systematic reviews, meta-analyses and patient-level data analyses.

Economic Modelling

We develop a range of robust health economic models that meet the commercial needs of our clients from simple Markov models to complex discrete event simulations.

Health Technology Assessment

We have extensive experience delivering successful HTA submissions in the UK and across the globe.

Value Communication

We effectively communicate the value of your products in a logical and insightful manner; from internal value dossiers to external scientific publications.

Pricing & Reimbursement

We partner with our clients to develop strategies for global pricing and reimbursement, harnessing our extensive KOL and payer network.


FIECON and Nested Knowledge Transform Evidence Synthesis with AI

We stand at the threshold of a new era in evidence synthesis. FIECON has joined forces with Nested Knowledge, Inc., an industry leader in AI-based SaaS platform solutions. Together, we are on a transformative path, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionise the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and meta-analysis process. 
This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing efficiency and innovation in the field, while also reinforcing our commitment to advancing evidence synthesis for informed decision-making in healthcare.

Mark Fisher, FIECON COO, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, "The integration of Nested Knowledge's AI platform into our research processes marks a significant milestone in our mission to optimize healthcare outcomes. This partnership leverages the power of technology to refine the way we conduct evidence synthesis, ensuring that healthcare decisions are informed by the most accurate evidence and ultimately treatments reach patients quicker.”

“FIECON’s experience in delivering high-quality systematic reviews, as well as in health economics and outcomes research generally, makes them the ideal partner for scaling up AI-assisted, updatable repositories of evidence needed for key decisions,” said Kevin Kallmes, CEO of Nested Knowledge. “Their expertise in both subject matter and research processes will be necessary to address the accelerating needs for rapid evidence synthesis across the pharma lifecycle.”

The collaboration brings together FIECON's expertise in health economics and Nested Knowledge's innovative AI-driven solutions. The use of AI in this context not only accelerates the research process but also enhances the quality and reliability of the findings, facilitating a more dynamic response to the rapidly evolving body of medical literature.

Key benefits of this strategic alliance include:

  • Accelerated review times, enabling quicker transitions from research to practical application.
  • Improved accuracy and consistency across SLRs, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Enhanced analytical depth, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of complex healthcare data.

To start a commercialization conversation, contact Karl Freemyer at 

Reach out to Keith Kallmes at or find out more about Nested Knowledge at

About Nested Knowledge:

Nested Knowledge operates as a dynamic evidence platform, designed to store, automatically extract, and analyse published clinical literature essential for systematic literature reviews. This innovative process culminates in the creation of evidence through interactive, web-based visualizations. Highlighting features such as the capacity for updates, traceability, and engaging visual interfaces, the platform transforms the comprehension of evidence, moving away from the traditional reliance on fragmented, static, and often incomplete Excel- and PDF-based reviews.


Meet FIECON Strategic Council

FIECON is excited to announce a significant expansion of the expertise available to clients through the newly formed FIECON Strategic Council.

The Strategic Council is a team of executive leaders who will provide unparalleled access to high-calibre commercial, payer, and patient advocacy expertise. These team members are Dawn Lee, Eric Lowe (OBE), and Dr Susan Suponcic.

Industry and academic skills abound in the Strategic Council:

  • Dawn Lee is a distinguished Associate Professor of Health Economics and Health Policy at the Peninsula Technology Assessment Group (PenTAG). A current lead for an Evidence Review Group and serving as a NICE committee member, Dawn is an exceptional health economist with a track record of over 50 UK Health Technology Assessment submissions and global expertise spanning more than 30 countries.
  • Eric Low, OBE is a visionary key opinion leader with an unwavering commitment to patient outcomes and rare diseases' prevention and curability. He is a leading authority in orphan drugs and melanoma medical research, local market access, and patient organisations in the UK. Notably, he founded Myeloma UK and currently runs a consultancy specialising in strategic market access, healthcare policy, and patient engagement.

  • Dr Susan Suponcic brings a wealth of US and Global pricing and market access commercialisation expertise. Her vast experience across US pharmaceutical companies and global consultancies will be leveraged to provide FIECON clients access to specific US launch and commercial expertise.
The introductionn of the FIECON Strategic Council has redefined the standard of excellence for strategic advice and support for the life sciences industry. Clients can look forward to unprecedented access to commercial titans and an accelerated path to resolving their challenges in global markets, in particular, dynamic "must win" US, UK, and European markets.

The formation of the council underscores FIECON’s continued commitment to delivering industry-best results, experiences, and partnerships to clients in the pharmaceutical and Med-tech industry.


On 18th October FIECON CEOs, Mark and Kuntal Fisher winning The Times/LDC People First Award.

On 18th October FIECON CEOs, Mark and Kuntal Fisher won The Times/LDC People First Award.

The Times and LDC - part of Lloyds Banking Group LDC Top 50, champions the business leaders who are pushing for growth and building successful medium-sized businesses! Medium-sized businesses are the unsung heroes of the British economy and the driving force that propels innovation and growth, The People First Award recognises those with a clear mission to support people and create more equitable and inclusive societies.

John Garner, Managing Partner at LDC said 'Mark and Kuntal offer inspiring careers and a brilliant workplace while providing life-changing medicines to people around the world. We were impressed by their clear strategy which underpins everything they do.

Mark said, "We are deeply honored to have earned a place among the esteemed LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Leaders, and we are truly grateful for receiving the People First award. This recognition serves as a profound source of inspiration for us, strengthening our commitment to fostering an environment in which our team can learn, grow, and flourish. We are more determined than ever to make a positive impact on the lives of 100 million people and contribute £10 million to broader societal causes by the year 2030."



Green globe in grass next to EcoVadis silver medal 2023 for sustainability

FIECON has been awarded the prestigious Silver Medal for Sustainability by EcoVadis, a renowned global sustainability ratings provider. This recognition places FIECON in the top 25% of companies that have excelled in sustainable practices, reflecting the company's unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and ethical responsibility.

EcoVadis evaluates thousands of companies worldwide, analysing their sustainability efforts across all industries and sectors. FIECON's dedication to sustainable practices and responsible business operations has enabled the company to stand out among its peers, earning this well-deserved Silver Medal.

The EcoVadis assessment examines four key criteria: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. FIECON's exceptional performance in these areas showcases its dedication to fostering a more sustainable and responsible global community.

Kate Benson, Social Responsibility Lead at FIECON, expressed her delight in achieving this significant milestone, stating, "This is a great achievement for FIECON. I am so proud that we met the bar for the Silver Medal, as it reflects the hard work and dedication of our team to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our business operations."

FIECON's leadership in the life sciences industry and its commitment to sustainable practices have solidified the company's position as a responsible corporate citizen and positioned us to collaborate more closely with our pharmaceutical and medical device partners who share our sustainability values.

For sustainability queries, please contact: Kate Benson at


Patient advocacy is now the key to a successful product launch. Establishing relationships between patient advocacy groups and the pharmaceutical industry will ensure objective measures of efficacy are realised, and improved patient outcomes are achieved.

FIECON has launched a series of podcasts, talking to patients and patient advocacy leaders about the burden, unmet needs, patient journey, and possible future treatment options to better understand the patient's perspective.

Our goal is to provide a deeper insight into the experience of patients, particularly those with rare diseases who are often underrepresented. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the advancement of drug development and the exploration of future treatment options, while also giving a stronger voice to these patients.
Patient Perspectives podcasts



We were delighted to be recognised for our outstanding contribution to workplace philanthropy and presented with the Diamond Award for our Payroll Giving efforts in 2022/23, by the Charities Trust.

Payroll Giving is one of the most effective ways to give. It offers a simple way for our team members to donate to the good causes they are passionate about, tax-free, direct from their pay, and provides a regular income for the charities they support.

We support and encourage our people to give back to causes close to their hearts by matching Payroll Giving donations too.


Team FIECON were thrilled to win the UK Company Culture Award for the Best Working Environment (remote) 2022.

Fiecon, Finalists for the Best Working Environment - UK Company Culture Awards