Key Services

We are committed to launching products that make a difference in people’s lives. We work across a product’s lifecycle, supporting biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical technology companies across the globe.

Outcomes Research

Our team provide unequalled accuracy and quality whilst delivering all aspects of systematic reviews, meta-analyses and patient-level data analyses.

Economic Modelling

We develop a range of robust health economic models that meet the commercial needs of our clients from simple Markov models to complex discrete event simulations.

Health Technology Assessment

We have extensive experience delivering successful HTA submissions in the UK and across the globe.

Value Communication

We effectively communicate the value of your products in a logical and insightful manner; from internal value dossiers to external scientific publications.

Pricing & Reimbursement

We partner with our clients to develop strategies for global pricing and reimbursement, harnessing our extensive KOL and payer network.


We understand that everyone will be impacted by the exceptional circumstances surrounding COVID-19. 

To ensure the health and safety of the communities in which we work and live, we are complying with the Government’s advice and your FIECON team are working remotely.

We will continue to deliver the same high quality work you have been accustomed to using established systems and processes for remote working.

We were also encouraged to see that the HTA authorities we work with are innovating in this time of need, as we prepared to be part of one the first virtual NICE Committee Meeting on 24th March.

If you need any advice on systems or processes for remote working, please feel free to drop us a line - or indeed if you want to know how the virtual NICE Committee Meeting turns out.

Take care and help those around you.

Mark and Kuntal Fisher 


The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) published an updated Value Assessment Framework document on 31st January outlining the principles, methodology, and deliberation procedures that will guide future ICER assessments.

These updates are based on ICER’s ongoing efforts to learn from patient groups and others about how to build a unique approach to value assessment that can reflect core principles of respect for all participants, transparency of methods and decision-making rationales, inclusive of all perspectives, and objectivity grounded in rigorous evaluation of all relevant evidence.

Source: ICER press release 31.01.2020


Every year ISPOR produce a report of the Top 10 HEOR trends identified by a survey of ISPOR members and curated by the Society’s Health Science Policy Council.


FIECON Value Platform can help you manage and optimise your product’s pricing and market access processes. Your online portal helps Global teams quickly understand progress, priorities, and support needs in local markets, saving you time, increasing team efficiency, and ensuring unity and alignment. Save time, increase efficiency and ensure unity and alignment to give your products the best chance of achieving successful pricing and market access.
Get in touch with our Pricing and Market Access Director, Mike Blackney -, to book a demo or find out more.


FIECON Model Builder is an online platform which automates the design and building-process of Excel-based cost-effectiveness models.  High quality Excel models can be built in a matter of minutes rather than weeks. Models are set up with complete functionality, flexibility, and transparency. But most importantly our automated process removes the risk of human error and guarantees accuracy. Give yourself the best chance of success; save time and money with the right cost-effectiveness model from FIECON Model Builder.
Get in touch with our Strategy Director, Lewis Ruff -, to book a demo or find out more.


Team FIECON were thrilled to win the Business Growth award at the St Albans Chamber of Commerce, Community Business awards.


Mark Fisher, our Managing Director, participated and gave evidence in the Access to Medicines and Medical Devices All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) NICE Methods Review inquiry at the House of Commons in May. The APPG report has now been published which provides clear recommendations and suggestions for crucial areas for future research and work outside of the NICE review.

Contact for more information about how this may impact your products, and how FIECON can help you navigate the best path for you going forward.




Mark Fisher, our Managing Director, was speaking at the House of Commons alongside Sir Andrew Dillon (NICE), Helen Knight (NICE), and Karl Claxton (University of York) as part of the APPG inquiry into the NICE STA and HST methods. For full notes please email - key topics of discussion surrounded how NICE processes can look to close the gap between appraisals for rare and ultra-rare medicines, the role of NICE and NHS England in the assessment of budget impact, whether wider societal costs should be considered for the future, and much more.