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FIECON Model Builder can help you build best-in-class Excel-based cost-effectiveness models, whilst significantly reducing building time. Our online platform automates the design and development process of cost-effectiveness models, removing the risk of human error and guaranteeing accuracy. Ratified, endorsed, and used by key payers and HTA agencies, models can be built in a matter of minutes rather than weeks.

The benefits:

  • An intuitive online interface allows quick and easy generation of customised Excel-based models
  • Best-in-class designs ensure a consistent look and feel, and models can be easily opened, understood, and shared
  • Excel model calculations are automated to guarantee accuracy and remove the risk of human error
  • Models are built to meet payer expectations, and comply with international HTA requirements having been validated, and used by the key payers and HTA agencies themselves

No more valuable time wasted redesigning models, fixing coding errors and quality checking model calculations. Whether you are developing cost-effectiveness models at a global or local level, early or late-on, the possibilities are endless with FIECON Model Builder.

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FIECON Value Platform can help you manage and optimise your product’s pricing and market access processes. Your online portal helps Global teams quickly understand progress, priorities, and support needs in local markets, saving you time, increasing team efficiency, and ensuring unity and alignment.

FIECON Value Platform benefits:

  • Global map views and dashboards provide a truly worldwide overview of the pricing and market access status of your products, to help you track country progress, and determine priorities
  • Disseminates up-to-date strategy, guidance and materials to local affiliates, eliminating version control issues
  • Easy to use, country- and regional-level portals ensure that affiliates can quickly and efficiently update and manage their local processes, providing seamless and secure team communication between local and global teams
  • Country-level milestones, timelines, and deliverables are in-built, with a notification system to flag when things change, highlighting multidirectional support needs and facilitating team collaboration

No more rummaging through your inbox to put together a global status report, finding too late that you have the incorrect document version, or wondering about a country-level reimbursement update.

Optimise how you manage pricing and market access activities across multiple teams, products and countries.

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